Bond Home IOS Transition From Old Bond app

How do I transition to the new Bond Home ios app? Can the two ios app co-exist? I know there is a new Alexa skill. Will I have to setup all my fans again?

If you log in to it with the password from the old “Bond Bridge” app, everything should migrate over for you.

For the most part. We designed the new firmware to be compatible with the old app, but you may run into buttons with strange icons if you record something new that wasn’t supported in the old app (shades come to mind).

Yes, you’ll want to remove the old skill and its devices (to prevent conflicts).

No, they’ll all be available upon login.

Thanks! Transition went smoothly. I have a question about the state tracking for the my fan lights and Alexa commands. One fan occasionally would forget it’s on/off state, the other fan forgot continually. We very rarely would use the remotes, mostly only to correct the state. What should I set the new apps setting to solve this? Do I use both settings options?
Also I have a Valor fireplace with remote. I can setup the remote easily. To turn the fireplace on it requires holding the flame up button until the fireplace ignites. The Bond app shows High, Up and Down. High would the one used to start the fireplace, but it takes multiple presses to get it all the up to the point of ignition. It moves in increments instead of going all the way up. Any way to solve that? Thanks again.

I logged into the new app, but my devices from the old app do not appear. Suggestions?

Use the “Trust State” option in the Device Settings screen.

I just posted an answer to @appelm about this sort of issue. This occurs with some raw-recorded remotes (where we don’t have it in the database), because by default Bond Bridge just sends a 0.6s transmission.

See: Need to hold/repeat RF signal for a few seconds - #2 by merck

Please let know. Send your email address used as a login, and your Bond ID.