Bond Command Line Tool

Hi All,

Is there any interest in a Command Line Interface for interacting with Bond products?

Imagine a command-line utility (for Mac/Linux/Windows) that let’s you do anything the API can do, making it easy to manage Bonds and associated devices on the network. Some examples:

  • bond discover: discover devices on local network (no need to log in)
  • bond login: log in allows control of devices from beyond your local network
  • bond devices: show all devices from all Bonds on local network + account if you logged in
  • bond upgrade: perform firmware upgrades to beta or stable versions as needed.
  • device creation, management, control, etc. to the extent that it is interesting/useful

Reason I ask is, we have a number of internal tools written in Python which could be collected, sanitized, and released open-source. Might be useful to other developers working with the local API, or in some more complex installation scenarios. Or it may not really be valuable and we just can keep it internal.

Let us know!


Would love access to this!


Sounds exciting to me!

This would be very useful. My intent/desire when I have time is to develop a Bond Polyglot server for the ISY 994 system. Having the open source Python code available that supports the command line tools would avoid having to write much of the Polyglot server from scratch.


I had already started making a GUI version of something similar for Windows but… Absolutely worthwhile if you all can release Python open source tools for the community.
We appreciate this kind of engagement from a home automation / smart home company!!

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I’ve been waiting for the ‘subscribe to BOND events’ proposed feature before diving into this, but yes please! I haven’t made a Polyglot node before, but if someone else wasn’t going to do so, I was.

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…would be great to have Aircons support - prioritised and pushed out, @merck .

Please don’t get caught up in developing a product that is for development. Product is to serve the market… on another note, – if anyone would like to help Olibra, I propose maybe volunteering and making a strawman project as a community effort – there are lots of examples in multiple frameworks…

Have you tried Sensibo or Tado?

With an extra ~20% effort, we can polish up some internal tools to others and make it easier for the community to add device and integration support. We’ve already seen incredible response from this community with Hubitat, HomeBridge, Control4, ELAN, and Home Assistant integrations! This is benefiting many more people than we could possibly have touched if we kept everything inside.

We are choosing to embrace and empower 3rd party developers and see what happens. I’m optimistic.

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… and as part of the market, I know I am not alone when I say some of the market has stopped buying devices if they don’t allow for official (or even unofficial) local API control and integrations.

done and done. :slight_smile:
But, the more the merrier! Come on in, everyone - we’ve got a good little community doing cool things already, but we always welcome more. And Olibra is definitely offering a lot of support for those of us who volunteer time and effort!


But why would I try Sensibo or Tado? BOND’s website: We’re talking about the ones you really depend upon: ceiling fans, air conditioners, and garage doors – to name a few.

So, while OF COURSE it is important to embrace the community and CLI Toolkit is definitely great support for those that need to create bash scripts to i.e. execute Jenkins / Bazel tests for something… I understand it…

But, back to my point, - where’s the realization of the commitment to the customers?

AFAIK the Aircon functionality is in Android’s Beta for good 6 months, never rolled out.

Maybe exactly this ~20% effort would open up ~2000% marketshare for BOND, as it would be the all-in-one answer for devices FOR REAL, not on website claims only.

You’re right, the website needs some updates (in progress).

And thanks again for sharing your perspective @arsenyspb , that’s why I asked here. Your right that the most important goal is to “connect the things you couldn’t” and that remains our guiding light.


Oh no, please don’t make the website read like: We’re talking about the ones you really depend upon: ceiling fans, CLI TOOLKITS , and the rest on long-term roadmaps – to name a few." :smiley: pun intended.

But I hope that you see where I’m coming from. I hope you guys become the LEADING product in the market that supports all of the devices in one.

I am a proud early-stage BOND owner and I’m waiting for Aircons support. The moment it’s out I’ll buy, like, 3 more BOND-s for other rooms and the hallway.


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Any update on this? Anywhere I can stay informed or get involved?

This is exactly what I am looking for as well. I would like a custom integration or events that can be subscribed to by an app I write.

For example, I have a slack workspace where I would want to send some of the events of actions that Bond takes on my house. Ex: “X user [turned on/off, opened/closed, etc.] Y device”

We are collaborating on the bond-cli tool on a public Github repo:

However please note:

  1. This tool is in an alpha state and is best-effort: not officially supported at this time.
  2. This is meant as a utility, not an SDK for use in other programs.
  3. This works against the Local API. There is currently no Cloud API for remote access.

Sounds like a great start. Doing it as an open repo is a welcomed approach and bound to get more traction with the enthusiasts.

Thank you for that.

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