Any minka receivers with "off" remote signal?

Im looking for something specifically with an OFF remote signal. I want to shoot the engineers that only created a ON/OFF toggle signal. I am not interested in something that show state, just something that can send a specific off signal so I can use my bond bridge (BD-1000) to send a signal to turn the fan off and to turn the light off.

We have 5 fans in our house and the family forgets to turn them off and yes I have turned into that grumpy father complaining about people not turning stuff off and want to automate it.
I do really like the minka wall switches and have some remotes, so I dont want to replace a ton of items.

The smart by bond stuff is very expensive and is impractical because all I want is an “off” control on the bond. Im hoping (perhaps delusionally) that at least one of the minka or minka compatible receivers has a signal that will just turn it off, even if there is not an OFF button on any remotes.

Alternatively does anyone have a list of the specific 433Mhz frequencies (and adjustments for the 16/256 bit encoding) for various signals that I could try with my receivers.

My final strategy would be fugly but I could just put a simple sonoff inline that would literally cycle the power to the fan which would presumably shut everything down to a known state. Id rather not have 2 devices inline, which is why Im hoping there is an OFF signal somewhere…


The Minka remotes should have discrete buttons for speeds and fan motor off. However, I feel your pain regarding the lack of a discrete signal for light off.

One trick that may work is sending a brief dimming signal to force the light on, and then the light toggle. This will always turn the light off, but will cause a small change in brightness setting and will briefly blink the light on if it was already off. We considered building this into Bond Bridge but it seemed a bit too tricky.