“Alexa, fan off” no longer works

I used to be able to say “fan off”, but this is no longer recognized as of several months ago. I now have to specifically say “turn off fan”. This is not how I typically control my devices. It’s usually (device name) (command). So I run into this issue every single day now. Anybody else run into this and have a solution?

Similar problems with Google Home (Google ‘retire’ various voice commands, so I have to find something that works).

As a workaround (for Google, assuming Alexa has similar functionality), I set up a routine so that a custom phrase of my choosing (“fan off”) executes the command ‘turn off fan’

Good luck!

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Thanks for the idea. I have 6 fans, so that meant setting up 6 separate Alexa routines. But at least I don’t have to repeat myself everyday. The below exchange used to happen at least twice a day. Seriously, how hard is it to process the word “off”?

Me: Alexa, fan X off
Alexa: This device doesn’t support that
Me: @&$#% again!?
Me: Alexa, turn off fan X