Right Fan no longer responding to off/on

I can set the fan speed using " okay Google set the right fan to X"
It no longer responds to " okay Google Turn on/off the right fan"

I toggled/turn off the tracked states. This just started happening this weekend.

How does Google respond when you day “turn on/off the right fan”?

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It replies “turning off the fan.”

Actually, this is a really good clue. I have BOND identifying the devices as left fan and right fan, but I have another fan that is just identified as fan through my IFTTT. If I say to Google turn off the right fan, it’s actually triggering the turn off the fan applet (incorrectly). This just started this weekend, so there must be some code change where it tries to “guess” what I want and puts all fan requests to the right fan identifier.

I can solve this now with greater specificity. Thanks.

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