Fan light in Routine on Google

Hey guys.

I have a ceiling fan in my master bedroom that works wonderfully with Google Home on normal spoken commands. The problem is that I added ‘turn off master bedroom light’ to my bedtime routine. The light does turn off like I’d expect, but about 7 seconds later it turns back on. I’ve removed and readded the command, rearranged it in the routine, etc…but still occurs every time. This does not occur when I say exactly the same thing out loud.

Any ideas?


when me-too when i say room name everything turns off but fan light on when say device name or light group works fine

My problem in SLEEP routine for the house, I want that fans turn off lights and fan itself. Once I have that accomplished, I want to add a wake up routine and turn fans back on. Right now fans do not respond to routine. I have Hue lights that respond to the routine.