After configuration of my fans, is internet access required?

Hi, I have a number of devices attached to my home network (192.168.x.x) everything goes through my home router which is attached to my AT&T network interface. I also have a local name server which calls out to a public name server if a non local name is presented.

If ‘The INTERNET’ goes down ( a contractor cuts a vital cable say…) It appears to me that my local network should still work ie one of my local Plex servers should be able to pull content from one of my NAS machines,

Clearly Alexa will not work in this scenario, but what about the Bond APP? Does the Bond APP or Bond Bridge keep necessary data locally or do the Bond require an internet connection to retrieve configuration information to execute a command? If yes, why?

Thanks for any info…

After initial setup:

  • For any mobile device that is on the same NETWORK (internet not required), the Bond app will function over local network.
  • For any integration hub that is on the same NETWORK, the local API commands will work, regardless of if internet is present or not.

Of course, for any remote access (mobile device off network, for instance), the Bond app will only allow control if the network to which the Bridge or Smart By Bond device is connected to the internet.

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Thanks for the answer…

I’ll add that, except on Bond Bridge Pro where there is a backup battery, Schedules will cease to work after power cycle if there is no internet connection, because there is no access to the ntp pool to get the time.

Do you run your own ntp server, GrayFox?

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