Local Control and Home Assistant

I know back I’m 2019 local control was in beta. I thought i had everything set up right but if my internet is down nothing works. I came home from vacation and couldn’t turn on lights because the internet was off and couldn’t find the original remote. Any ideas?

Were you trying to use Google Home / voice-based Assistant while the internet was off?
Last I knew, even though Google Assistant can do local control, it didn’t work at all for anything (local or cloud, Bond or other manufacturers) if it couldn’t reach the internet.

The Bond app itself (and any integrations that use the local API), meanwhile, works as long as the phone and the Bridge (and/or SBB devices) are on the same network (with or without internet), except for any remote devices on a Bridge that are “cloud only” - those are somewhat rare, but I do believe there are still some of those. There is an easy way to tell with each device if it is cloud or local, if you’d like to check (the easiest way I know / remember is to check over command line API and list the devices - cloud based devices won’t show in the API).

Some phones these days will try to disconnect from a WiFi network that doesn’t have internet access, so that could have been part of the problem as well, if you were trying to use the Bond app but weren’t having success with it.

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