Adding LCD Projector as a Device?

Need the capability to manage an LCD projector. Most remotes are IR. On, Off (remember, that often you have to hit power off, then power off a second time to verify you actually want to turn it off), and input selection. Possibly audio controls, but most projector’s audio sucks, and likely that a 5.1 or 7.1 or even Atmos system is driving the projector.

I know the Signals structure has a Rep (repetitions/repeats) argument, but I also see the potential benefit of macro-style sequence of commands with optional delays.

The question in my mind then becomes, do I want to control that kind of thing with my integration hub / programming, or do I want Bond to natively do it?
Since most of my usage cases are a mixture of devices and protocols, I’d prefer my integration to handle macros / scripts / if-then kind of things, as Bond would not (typically) be aware of non-Bond things.