Add a medium button to fan controls

I have a hunter fan with a receiver which only supports power, minimum, high, up, and down. I would like to add a medium option as that is the most frequent speed we use. This could be easily accomplished by combining a single low command followed by an up command. Is this possible to do using the Bond API?

Hey @chucks0

Unfortunately, you cannot add this button directly to the bridge, so it won’t show in the app, but you can achieve that using the Bond API and some other integrations, like Alexa. :slight_smile:

Let me share with you my case.
My old cable TV powered on to an ads dashboard, and I usually watched the same channel, so I created an Alexa routine to power on the cable TV, wait for 1 minute (it was old and slow), then perform the commands to change the channel to that specific one.

Hope it works for you too!

Let me know if I can help you better.

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@endy I ultimately created a Virtual Fan device in Hubitat and created custom routines for each fan speed.

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