About the BETA category

Testing pre-releases of BOND Apps and Firmware.

How You Receive BETA Apps

Users with BETA Pro access can view/post in the “BETA Pro” forum category and subcategories.

Users with BETA Pro access who have also used a BOND via the iOS App will automatically be added to the TestFlight distribution list. TestFlight is an official Apple app used for distributing test versions of apps. You will receive an email from TestFlight when a new version of the app is ready to test.

Similarly, any user with BETA Pro access who has used a BOND with Android will be automatically added to the Crashlytics Beta list. Crashlytics Beta is an app, developed by Google and available on the Play Store, which allows distribution of test versions of apps similar to how TestFlight works.

If you have both an iOS and Android device, and have used them both with the BOND before, you will be on both Crashlytics and TestFlight lists.

How to Give Feedback

If you experience a crash of a beta version of the app, the app developers receive a crash log which is helpful in narrowing down the cause of the problem.

Otherwise, we welcome feedback here on the forum. Simple feedback on App changes can be given in the thread corresponding to the version that you are testing. More in-depth discussions can have their own threads.

In general, please try to choose an appropriate category. For example, when discussing support for specific devices, use the Devices categories rather than the iOS or Android app categories.