Webcore Setspeed Help

So I’m trying to get setspeed to work in webcore, where am I going wrong?


i already know the deviceid and concat function is fine as increasespeed works without any issues.

The action is SetSpeed, you need to do a PUT to http://192.168.xx.xxx/v2/devices/{deviceID}/actions/SetSpeed with a HTTP body {"argument":1}

You can check the docs here:

So in tried this to no avail.

Your URL should be:


Request body type should be application/json or something similar
Request body should be {"argument":1}
Authorization Header should be

"Bond-Token": "yourbondtokenhere"

created a new string variable for the bondtoken as suggested and changed settings, and it’s still not working.

I think your token is still wrong, try looking at this post:

concat(text(“"),DeviceID,text("/actions/ToggleLight”)) works flawlessly which tells me the token is just fine. the issue is the argument, where/how I am supposed to implement it in webcore.

What error are you getting? Timeout? 401? 400? 500? We have descriptive error messages that should help point you in the right direction.

Where you put the argument (in the request body) seems OK.

well I bypassed the commands altogether and added the bonds to webcore instead, and set it up with the setfanspeed(1) command and it’s working.