Using MR196W with Bond Bridge?

I’ve been using the MR196W with the Bond App directly and it’s been working great in Alexa, Google and Home Assistant. BUT - lately it has been losing its wifi connection and I’m not sure why. There’s an Orbi about 8 feet from it that other things connect to. Would this MR196W connect using the Bond Bridge (hopefully not via wifi)? I could then put the bridge into Alexa/GH/HA and be back in business. Are there instructions for this? I can no longer find any manuals for the MR196W.

Does this help?

As far as using the remote to record a device into a Bond Bridge… I am trying to remember what I did once. I think I did this just to see what would happen, and I got a signal recorded? But it was 3 or more years ago and I don’t have that pseudo device set up any longer.
I can try to replicate sometime next week towards the second half – or if @merck visits this forum, maybe he’ll have some feedback sooner.

Indeed you can add MR196W into Bond Bridge, but you lose the true state feedback that was a main benefit of the smart fan.

So if I do this, I basically just add it as an RF fan to the Bond Bridge? I was hoping there’d be an option in the bridge to add the BOND MR196W

I deleted the devices and re-added them, it does seem to work better.

Do you know anywhere the MR196W can still be purchased?


The MR196W is not currently available AFAIK, but you can get a similar (though 3-speed) product here:

We do not sell these directly.

Wow! Didn’t know that one existed. Is that the only other “Bond” fan that you are aware of? I’m a little leary of the lack of reviews for this this one. Do you have any experience with its performance? 3 speed is fine for me.


Hey Brad, here’s another one: Smart Ceiling Fan Remote Control with Receiver by Visual Comfort Fan | MCSMRC | MTC1170369 (MCSMRC by Monte Carlo / VCC).

We often test these but with light bulb load boxes. That said, these are leading US fan companies so we defer to their judgement on the motor controller performance.