Using MR196W with Bond Bridge?

I’ve been using the MR196W with the Bond App directly and it’s been working great in Alexa, Google and Home Assistant. BUT - lately it has been losing its wifi connection and I’m not sure why. There’s an Orbi about 8 feet from it that other things connect to. Would this MR196W connect using the Bond Bridge (hopefully not via wifi)? I could then put the bridge into Alexa/GH/HA and be back in business. Are there instructions for this? I can no longer find any manuals for the MR196W.

Does this help?

As far as using the remote to record a device into a Bond Bridge… I am trying to remember what I did once. I think I did this just to see what would happen, and I got a signal recorded? But it was 3 or more years ago and I don’t have that pseudo device set up any longer.
I can try to replicate sometime next week towards the second half – or if @merck visits this forum, maybe he’ll have some feedback sooner.

Indeed you can add MR196W into Bond Bridge, but you lose the true state feedback that was a main benefit of the smart fan.

So if I do this, I basically just add it as an RF fan to the Bond Bridge? I was hoping there’d be an option in the bridge to add the BOND MR196W

I deleted the devices and re-added them, it does seem to work better.

Do you know anywhere the MR196W can still be purchased?


The MR196W is not currently available AFAIK, but you can get a similar (though 3-speed) product here:

We do not sell these directly.

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Wow! Didn’t know that one existed. Is that the only other “Bond” fan that you are aware of? I’m a little leary of the lack of reviews for this this one. Do you have any experience with its performance? 3 speed is fine for me.


Hey Brad, here’s another one: Smart Ceiling Fan Remote Control with Receiver by Visual Comfort Fan | MCSMRC | MTC1170369 (MCSMRC by Monte Carlo / VCC).

We often test these but with light bulb load boxes. That said, these are leading US fan companies so we defer to their judgement on the motor controller performance.

Great stuff. That one appears to be out of stock. Let me know if there are any others. I just picked up one of the first one you sent.

Thanks a bunch!


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