Strange problem with latest version 1.120 (1)

OK here is a strange one. I have not had a problem with any of my fans until today. If I say Alexa turn off Office Light she responds OK, but nothing happens. If I say Alexa turn on Office Light the Light goes off. So on and off are reversed. This only happens with this fan. I have tried to reboot hub etc. No luck.

Additional test when light is on, no lights blink on BOND, when I say turn off. But if off and I say turn on the BOND blinks.

IIRC, I read something about pressing and holding the light button on the app if the on/off sense was reversed.

Thank you that did the trick. Strange I didn’t see that anywhere.

Really glad that fixed it for you!

Yeah just use the Bond app and turn off or on the light then Alexa will think it is the reverse. I think it’s a recent update that will know the state of your device. It used to be if you told Alexa turn off a device it would turn it off but if you said it again it would turn it on. It didn’t know the state of your device

As of v1.122.1 app release (this past week), there’s an option in Settings Cog called “Track State of Toogle Lights”. Disabling the option ensures that BOND will always respond to a request to turn on/off a light. Enabling the option makes BOND check if it thinks the light is already in the requested state and filter out the command. This is helpful if you use Alexa/Google Assistant groups.

I am not seeing this option below is my screenshot of the cog screen, I also looked on each fan page.

Hmmm you should be able to upgrade the app to v1.122.1.

Don’t have it in test flight for IOS.

Ah… Try just the regular App Store.

Nothing there either. OK did a search via App store and it shows. will install that.

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Odd. For me I can see it on the App Store.

Didn’t show in updates, but a search found it in the regular page. Installing now.

Thanks. Are we off the Betas for a while?

I had to search for and install the prod version from the apple store to as I had the latest published Beta version which was the same as Joel’s

Yes that is what had to be done. We now just wait for the next Beta.