Schedules- No Sunset only dusk ONLY and 15 minute intervals

There is no Sunset schedule option? Just dusk. If I want my shades to open a few minutes before Sunset I have to count backwards from dusk, huge headache. Sunset and dusk, well the sun moves around and this schedule does not seem to move with it. It is not adapting to the time changes. Yes I have my location set in settings. For example Lutron, you can program shades to open 10 minutes before Sunset, and it works with the sun changes.

Also you can not program in minutes, only 15 minute intervals.

Hi Trista, thanks for joining the forum and for your good question.

There is no Sunset schedule option? Just dusk.

We had to decide in our user interface design what to show while keeping it simple. For outdoor lighting, dawn and dusk are typically used instead of sunrise and sunset. That’s because at sunset, there’s still a lot of light. Dusk is when the light fades from the sky and outdoor lighting becomes required. The duration of twilight (the period between sunset and dusk, or dawn and sunrise) varies by location and time of year.

To avoid confusion, we only had dawn/dusk rather than sunrise/sunset options here.

Also you can not program in minutes, only 15 minute intervals.

This was again trying to make it easy, but I can understand that you want finer control.

The good news is that our firmware already supports sunrise/sunset events in addition to dawn/dusk. So, I can check with our mobile team and see if we can make an app change to open up the UI to allow more flexible solar scheduling.


Wow I didn’t expect to hear from the team!

That’s fantastic news, all of it.

It is great that the firmware already supports sunrise/sunset events! If you have the option then let’s use it.

It’s better for the customer, it’s always good to have more options than less.

The the timing flexibility of minutes versus 15 minutes intervals, is already in your programming for some of the events. Should give us that option as well in the app so that we can be more precise in our timing.

So happy to have found this Bond.