Rollease Acmeda and Dooya Motorized Shades

Thanks. I may just work on getting the Automate Plus 2 hub working. I think I might have a busted hub. When pairing via the app and WiFi it says the network name coming from the hub should be called RA-Pulse-xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx should be a unique 7-digit. However mine is a 13 digit code with a dash in the middle so the app never recognizes it.

Just FYI if anyone ever runs across this post regarding Automate 2 Pulse hub, I got it to work by deleting the location in the Pulse 2 app so that I had no locations. This prompted the app to set up a new hub and location since I had no locations. When I stepped through the process of adding a new location and hub it finally got the hub to work. For some reason the first time I went through this process it did not work properly and it looks like the hub was not completely provisioned properly. Removing the location was the only way to reset things and add a hub, even though the original location I setup had no hubs.

I am hoping they are able to get the shades to work directly to Bond soon, but does anyone have any feedback from customer tech support as to why they are not including Rollease/Acmeda motors at this time? Somfy owns the company that makes these motors in China.

I have the same remote in use with shades from Yoolax (I suspect it is a Dooya motor). It works fine in learning the code and using the Bond app as the remote. It does not work reliably however when I try to trigger the blinds using the API (from Hubitat HE). The API is triggered and the log in the Bond app shows that it was triggered - yet the blinds don’t move. Do you have this working with an automation platform that uses the API?

It seems like you’re having a problem with Hubitat since it’s working reliably for you from the Bond app. I would suggest opening a new issue related to API access via Hubitat, since it’s not really part of this thread.

Did anyone try opening the remote and directly triggering the button press? Not sure how to open these remotes though…nothing obvious.

Remote opens with a screwdriver to separate. Panels. There may be a set of screws too, I forget.

I think the only way to automate this would be to have a microcontroller send voltage into the remote, due to the way the remote has pairing codes.

I HATE this blind, and the manual is poor. It was stuck in a down position for a while and had to do some voodoo to het it back up. Now we just leave it all the way up. Afraid to touch the remote and have the shade stuck down again and not sure I can successfully pair a replacement remote due to the challenge I’ve had with it.

Maybe I’ll be brave and see if I can automate a button press into the remote itself at some point.

Really informative thread. I’ve got the blinds but pulse hub has died so looking at alternative approaches. My existing Broadcom had similar issues trying to pair.

Is there any option to flash the blinds themselves with something a bit more open for Rf?

Welcome! Actually, we now support Rollease Acmeda shades natively on Bond Bridge. Just click on the Rollease logo during the setup :wink:

@merck wow, I wasn’t aware of that! I tried to pair my Rollease Acmeda (on the latest beta firmware v3), but it failed. I pushed P2 twice (it beeped once each time), then pressing the “Pair” button didn’t do anything. Are certain models not compatible?

This is great, and a surprise as I know others have tried and failed to integrate with these blinds.

Anything to check to ensure this will work? Any links to documentation around this? Or specifics on what to buy and whichbcerso. If firmware?

Make sure you have a 2nd-generation Bond Bridge. Serial number should start with Z. The 1st-generation don’t have GFSK capability needed for the Rollease technology.

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Thanks for the guidance @merck! I have one of the earliest “snowbird” gen versions, I think you call them. I already configured an arduino to be able to manage this functionality, but it would be nice to manage it with a single platform.

I would suggest graying those options out for any of us with an earlier gen Bond, since the serial number should be known by the app, along with a link to upgrade with a % discount :wink:

The plan was simply not to release the v3 firmware for 1st-gen Bridges. Now we have it in beta by popular request, consequence being that we were not prepared to limit the options on the UI based on the idiosynchracies of the 1st-gen hardware. — Anyways, you are right. We will update our apps to properly filter the Technology list.

@dxdc Any chance that we can get our older existing Bond Bridges upgraded at a discount price to support the Rollease blinds?

Sorry just noticed I tagged the wrong person. @merck any chance we can trade in our Gen 1 devices for Gen 2 devices at a discounted price to support the Rollease shades?

I have the unfortunate task of integrating about 140 of these rollease shades in a new building using several of these Bond bridge pro devices. One of the questions that came up is how best to pair all of these shades. Is the only pairing method available to learn from the remote using the P2 button or is there a method to pair directly to the shades using the P1 button on the motor?

I did some testing on this once I got back to my office and it appears a remote is required to set up the limits for the motor. I don’t see a way to get past the requirement to long hold the up/down/stop buttons as required in these instructions: Pairing

Hi all, does this allow for 2 way communication between bond and rollease devices so that it knows the position?

Last I saw, bidirectional communication was not supported.
This was in response to a question about ARC motors, but I believe it holds true for all:

That being said, I believe with certain brands (Somfy and Rollease), you do have a SetPosition command / slider available if you have a Bond Bridge Pro. Not sure if that implementation, like many other Bond device strategies, then requires you to no longer use the original remote? I do not yet have Shade type devices to get familiar with this area of Bond.
API For Shade Position