Adjusting/Setting Fan Speed Through Google Home


Been a user of the Bond Bridge for a while now. It was by mistake I found out about the new V2 platform. The migration process is a little confusing, and I only found out about it recently by mistake. (I know I even signed up to be a beta tester!) I’ve convinced a few other friends to buy the Bond Bridge and none of us knew about the new V2 Firmware or that the six device limit had finally been raised. Just a suggestion, you might want to review how users are notified and the migration process… it is pretty confusing (ie two apps, two Google Account linking options, two Alexa Skills)

Anyway… I am having trouble with Google assistant commands. I have 7 Fans in my home, All have lights and all have three speeds. I can control them through the Bond app 100% normally, All speeds, etc.

I am able to turn both the lights and fans on/off with the Google assistant with no problem. However when I request a specific speed though the google assistant, the Google Assistant responds with “my apologies, I don’t understand.”

I have all the devices named Normally and assigned to a room.
Example Office fan is the name of the fan, it is Assigned to Office room.
In Google home I have Office Fan, and Office Fan Light.
I can turn the fan on/off no problem with the assistant. But If I request a specific speed, or request it to change the speed I get “my apologies, I don’t understand.”

Hey Google, Turn the office fan on speed 3. - “my apologies, I don’t understand.”
Hey Google, Turn the office fan on High. - “my apologies, I don’t understand.”

Hey Google, Turn on the office fan - “Okay, turning On the office fan.”
Hey Google, Turn Off the office fan - " Okay, Turning off the office fan."

This used to work without any problems in the past, but no matter what I try I can’t get it to work with different speeds. Is there a bug, or am I missing something here.

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Try “Set office fan to speed 3.” (or “Set … to high”). Does that work?

This is the probably the biggest thing we’re thinking about these days :slightly_smiling_face: We need to let everyone know, and we’re making sure that everything will go smoothly.

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D’oh! yes… That works. Thanks!

I guess saying Set isn’t a natural way for me to communicate this, In my mind I would “turn it on Low”, or “turn it on High”, etc. But now that I know, I can work on retraining myself to phrase it correctly.

Glad to hear about all the progress, I am a big fan of your products and want it to be a great success.

I might also mention, I also have SmartThings with my bond account linked to it… I am glad for this ingratiation to exist. Another problem I faced though is when I link SmartThings to google or Alexa I get duplicate devices… And the functionality is different with Google/Alexa depending on if you are trying to control the SmartThings version of the fan or the Bond version fan.

Just thought I would mention it, I could see this being a major point of confusion for a regular user.

Cheers and thank you so much. I had the exact same confusion and the phrasing fixed it! It must be exactly, “Set [fan name] to Speed [#].”

I think this answer should be stickied or added as an official FAQ answer on the main Bond support page. Spent half-an-hour figuring out the phrasing. :frowning:

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Sorry about your trouble here. We’ve got on our roadmap an in-app “integrations” page that’d show you a list of integrations we offer, and, for integrations you’re already using, show what sort of voice commands you can use.


Be good to have more flexibility. I created multiple Routines to achieve my requirement. Very tedious but allows me to map my commands to your requirements.