Position, Direction of IR Emitter signal

I’ve managed to pair an IR based fireplace, tv and stereo with a Bond 1000 hub. All devices are in the same room and no father away from the hub than 12’. Each device has line of sight to the hub. At that distance none of the devices will operate. If I hold the hub and point it top up at each device, they work.

Since the hub is designed to sit top up, I cannot figure out why none of the devices can be controlled when the hub sits on a table about 10’ from each device. The sensor in each device has line of sight with the hub yet won’t operate.

Leads me wonder what direction the IR emitter in the bond points. Does it point vertically from the center of the hub towards the ceiling or does it point horizontally. Does anyone know where the emitter is positioned and in what direction it points?

This is from an old post by a a (former) Bond team member:

Thanks, very helpful. Given the upward tilt of the emitter, I suspect the height of the unit sitting of a tall table may be impacting operation. I’ll place the unit in a lower position and do some more testing today.