IncreaseSpeed and DecreaseSpeed stopped working in v2.10.21

It appears that upgrading my bridge to v2.10.21 firmware has cause IncreaseSpeed and DecreseSpeed actions on my fan to stop working. I still get a 204 status code returned, but the speed does not change, either in the app or physically on the fan. SetSpeed is still working. My integration attempts to increase/decrease the speed by 1.

I am not 100% sure it was v2.10.21 where it stopped working, but I can verify that it was definitely working on January 16 (last time I tested and pushed a version of my integration).

Okay, I’m looking into this now.

@jacob Any word here. The rest of the integration, including mDNS discovery is working great. I’ve got fans, dimmable lights (up and down), non-dimming lights, fireplaces, shades, and generic all working. Just IncreaseSpeed and DecreaseSpeed (and testing with SBB devices) still outstanding issues before rolling out official version 1.0. I wish all hardware makers would get onboard with making a great, open, local API available. Kudos to you guys!

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Just giving this a bump. I would like to put this one to bed. Let me know what other information you need.

Been away for a bit, I’m back on this now.

Bumping again. Any word here?

Hey, yeah, I just now patched this. I’ll aim to get a beta release out tomorrow. It should be v2.11.2.

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Releasing this now! Increase/Decrease speed should be working to spec for Bridge devices as of v2.11.2.

Please let me know if you still have any issues!

I can verify that Increase Speed and Decrease Speed works in the API in v2.11.2 firmware.