Bridge Firmware v2.10.19

Hey all, I released a version v2.10.17 a few days ago, and today I released a very short-lived v2.10.18 and a v2.10.19. These versions are still in beta. Here are some change notes:

  • Up/Down light dimmer state transitions were broken, causing even in-app use to get the device’s state out-of-sync. They now have the same state transition as Turn(Up/Down)LightOn.
  • SetSpeed when there’s a gap in available speeds “snaps” to the next-available speed. So if you have speeds 1 and 3 available, SetSpeed 2 goes to 3.
  • Add single-light 6-speed “A3a” template. v2.10.19 adds the “alternate” dimmer to A3a to avoid an issue where the only available dimmer would just toggle the light on and off repeatedly.
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