Getting info about the Bridge

Just wondering if it’s possible to get the “name” and “location” for the Bridge itself?
The " /v2/sys/version" returns this, but there’s no name or lactation:

public string target { get; set; }
public string fw_ver { get; set; }
public string fw_date { get; set; }
public int uptime_s { get; set; }
public string make { get; set; }
public string model { get; set; }
public string branding_profile { get; set; }
public string bondid { get; set; }
public bool upgrade_http { get; set; }
public int api { get; set; }
public string _ { get; set; }

Can I use " /v2/devices/xxxxx" for the bridge itself?

If you spend some time manually / recursively crawling the nodes in cURL (or similar), you will find a couple extra nodes which are not yet part of the official documentation - including v2/bridge nodes name and location.
See here for me putting in a request to update the official documentation.

@merck, @jacob

As @residualimages asked in API Documentation Requests, can we use /v2/bridge/?

{“name”:“My Bridge”,“location”:“My Room”,“bluelight”:125,"_":“4f5ea7f4”}

Yes. That should be an official api.

Thank you.
Why “bondid” is in “version”, not “bridge”?

Because there are non-Bridge Bond products: “Smart By Bond” appliances.

Yes, that’d work. I’ll get it into the docs.

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