Garage Doors - and any lock

Just spitballin’ here,
when you start working on Garage doors, you should make sure to integrate a 4 digit code
as a security level, so someone can’t yell at your alexa to open the garage door, without it responding with request for security code, same for any lock.


Jonathan, I am not sure if Garage doors will interact with Alexa. One reason is exactly what you mention, the second is just plain security. I am not sure if Amazon allows opening doors via Alexa. For a while it was no for Garage and Locks. But being honest I myself haven’t kept up on this. For me it will be happy if I can do it from SmartThiongs or my iPhone. But I will take anything more if possible. I am a Home Automation Geek.

Amazon Alexa does allow for locking of doors/garages and unlocking with pin. I have used this feature in both Amazon Echo devices as well as Google Home/Assistant devices. skill is an example that allows this. I am not sure if Bond will be able to lock or unlock though. It does not know the state of the garage door, whether it is closed or open.