G1 Remote works during setup, but not after that

I can add my fan and all the buttons work during setup. But after that when I activate the buttons in the app I see the bond bridge flash but the fan does not beep or activate. The remote shows as the G1 type.

Snowbird incoming as well

Sorry, @Tekneus, I don’t think @jacob meant the above as a reply to you.

I do not have any suggestions or remedies to try at the moment for your situation but hopefully someone else will weigh in with ideas soon.

Whoops, you’re right… this reply jumped across threads.

And it looks like the reply I typed was lost in the process too:

G1 is bugged in the app/play store firmware versions, but is fixed in beta. The beta firmware version will be released to the app/play store very soon, probably today. So you’ll just need to upgrade your Bond’s firmware when you see it (it’ll be v2.14.something) and it should work.