Flic Button HTTP Request Format

Hello All,

I’ve just setup a new Bond Bridge and have this working perfectly with some Somfy RTS motors. I’m trying to integrate this with Flic for button control and am struggling getting the correct format for the Flic HTTP request. I’ve tested the curl command in Terminal on a MAC and this works perfectly:

    * curl -H "BOND-Token: BONDID" -X PUT -i -d {}

Here’s a screenshot of the Flic HTTP request screen. Can anyone help with what goes where in this setup?

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Based on your curl command, looks like you need to include the Bond Token in the header, but you don’t appear to have done that in Flic.

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Thanks for reply. Yes you’re absolutely correct. After a little playing about it now works. See screenshot below for anyone else needing this on Flic.


Just one other query. When requesting info on the devices, the return is as follows:

* Info: {"name":"Kitchen Curtains","type":"MS","location":"Kitchen","template":"RMS12","subtype":"CURTAIN","actions":["Close","DecreasePosition","Hold","IncreasePosition","Open","Pair","Preset","SetPosition","Stop","ToggleOpen"]

All the actions work except “ToggleOpen”. Anyone know what this is supposed to do? I assumed it would toggle from open to close but doesn’t seem to do anything.

Ignore above comment :man_facepalming: - it does work and toggles from close to open etc.


N.B.: The Bond-Token is only used for authentication on the local network. For connection via our servers we use different, longer tokens which are ultimately protected by your password. So, unless you worry about attackers already being on your local net, it is not essential to scrub device ids and tokens in what you post.

I’m looking forward to adding ToggleOpenHold but there are few shade technologies that support this. (That would allow linking a single Pico or Sidekick key to the shade and be able to get intermediate positions.)