Feature Request: Functionality for both heat/cool directions

My fan remotes have buttons to specify the fan direction of either heat mode (reverse) or cool mode (forward) rather than simply toggling the direction as is currently present. Could this functionality be put in? If so, that would allow for complete automation of my fans.

I’ve included a photo of my remote. The second row from the bottom contains the two buttons in question. The direction needs to be set explicitly by selecting one of them rather than toggling.

Thank you for your consideration.

I did post concerning this about a year ago, but reposting here in Beta as I am happy to test it)

We have support for this in the firmware, we just need to get this in the mobile apps. Shouldn’t be too hard. The mobile team is pushing to get the V2 apps fully functional though, so it might take a while to get around to this, but we’ll get it in there.

In the meantime…
Kind of a hack, but maybe you could add a new device (or add new commands to current device) and manually scan the two buttons (don’t use database)?
Wouldn’t matter what they’re called but use something that makes sense to you. (Top light on, bottom light on sort of ish make sense to me).

If you’re automating with integrated systems, it matters even less what you call the in the Bond Bridge as your integration can use whatever label you want; if you’re only using the Bond app, then I could see that being potentially more confusing than not even being supported.

Thanks for the responses! I look forward to this being implemented. @residualimages presents a good idea in the meantime, and one that I hadn’t considered. It should do nicely.

Turns out that this was a quick implementation in the V2 app, it was deployed this evening. We’ve gone with the names “Summer” and “Winter” for forward and reverse, respectively.

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Thanks for the quick implementation!