Fan Speed Regulation

I purchased a Home Depot fan a year and a half ago. Installed it without the remote control unit and now want to add it and to use it with Bond that I’ve since added.

Before I pull fan apart, I wanted to confirm function.

I’ve got a jig wih Wago connectors and have the AC in side connect to neutral and hot.

On the Fan side I’ve connect edthe white wire to the common on a multimeter and the blue wire (light?) to the volage on multimeter. When I send light control signal via bond (or OEM remote), it goes on and off. when I press and hold light voltage goes up and down as in dimmer is functiong.

Now for testing the fan, I unhooked the blue wire and hooked the black wire (fan control) to the voltage wire on the multimeter. No matter what combination of fan control buttons I press the voltage stays at 123.4. This may be what’s expected but I want to confirm before I get laddder out and pull apart and install.

Help/confirm, please?