EU/Swedish Wall socket

Hi everyone.
I’m really interested in purchasing a Bond Bridge to control my ceiling fan, I´m quite sure it will work but…
How about the included power plug, not sure that’s what it´s called so I hope you understand what I mean :nerd_face:
However that one will not fit in my wall sockets here in Sweden, no matter how hard I try :rofl:
I suppose I can use an EU power plug with USB or???

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hello @olasjostrand ! Based on the specs, powering a Bond Bridge with any USB plug or AC/DC adapter that can give 5 volts / 1 watt should be possible.

I do think there are some regional nuances related to allowed RF signals / ranges, so I do hope if you try a Bond Bridge that it turns out the way you expect it to work, despite being in the EU / Sweden. :sweden:

That sounds great.
About the frequency, I talked to the manufacturer of my fan and it’s 434 mhz so it should work :sweat_smile::+1:t2:

Good luck! Come back and tell us all about it. :grin:

As an aside, I used the 2.1A, instead of just 1A, kind of USB power for a Bridge, on the occasions I was not using the original plug.

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Thanks, I will keep you updated :smiley:.
Ok, I’ll keep that in mind :nerd_face:

There it is, in good company :nerd_face:

The Bond it´self works flawlessly, didn’t bother to use a “plug” but instead connected it to a usb-outlet on my headless Mac mini.

I use homebridge to implement it to my Apple HomeKit and trying different automations.
However controlling it with voice commands is like a lottery but that’s mostly Siris fault, she´s not the sharpest knife in the box so to speak :exploding_head::rofl:

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Thanks for the update!!

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