Bond V2 API with Homebridge working for Apple Homekit

Controlling V2 API devices through Apple HomeKit using Homebridge.

Using homebridge-bond v2.1.0

The config is quite simple:

"platforms": [
        "platform": "Bond",
        "bond_ip_address": "",
        "bond_token": "0123456789acbdef"

This is the first result for “HomeKit” on these forums so I’ll piggyback off it: if you’re interested in learning more, check out homebridge-bond.

Thank you Jacob,

When I originally created this post the forum limited how many links I could have in a single message.

I can confirm I’m now using 2.5.3, the latest version of homebridge-bond. Everything is still working great with 2 ceiling fans for both fan speed and lighting.

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Desperate in need of help in getting Bond/Hoobs/Homekit setup.