OK this is screwy I went to setup a fan, pressed add then add device and choose the light it went to the start screen I pressed start and it jumped to the same screen again and said couldn’t find remote.

Oh man. Sorry to hear that.
When mine got upgraded, I did not have to re-add my devices for some reason.
I have only tried adding devices via the API so far after that (since I do not have any other “real” devices installed at the moment to set up with new remotes), and that has worked.

If you still have issues by tomorrow, I will remove one of my real devices and try re-adding it to see what my experience is like.

I have removed all my devices and tried from scratch, jumps back to start, this bricked the BOND. Hopefully BETA team will help. As soon as I press start I get Hmm BOND did not discover your remote.

I’m also trying the beta firmware. I have 3 fans in the house all controlled by individual remotes. For some reason now I can only get one device to setup properly. This wasn’t an issue on the other firmware.

Having signed up for beta firmware (2.5.0) to try to work on the API, I downloaded the beta app and upgraded the firmware - ended in blue flash of death. Tried reset multiple times, can consistently get it to green flash, but once configured, goes into blue flash again. I downgraded it to 1.138.1 and it works again (except for some reason 3 of 4 devices are gone - strange that not all are gone) Tried upgrading to 2.5.0 again, same thing. Giving up for now. :frowning:

Hi Michael and Joel — sorry you’ve had trouble with the experimental firmware. — Indeed we have a bit more work to do before it’s production ready!

Joel: If you’d like to try the Local API, you can also try the BOND with serial number starting in Z. That has production-ready V2 firmware already installed. We just shipped v2.5.2 yesterday that fixes a few minor issues.

Michael: The 1 device that remains is because it is stored on the Cloud. Those devices are not currently available via the Local API. I know this is not evident from the current UI, and we are planning on straightening that out.

Any idea why I can only add one rf fan even using the beta firmware?

I installed firmware on the Z BOND and will test later. What about the other two units that will not take any devices? Are There better instructions for the local API for those? The video is hard to use.

UPDATE: Z BOND Will not find State Remote. Also, regular remote also doesn’t work. It is haphazard. It finds the function flashes green then when testing BOND flashes but functions don’t work.

All three BONDS now no longer function including the Z BOND.

Written documentation and some limited tutorial is here:

The video was meant to give some pointers to residualimages. We could do some more videos more carefully…

@joel What format do you think is most useful? Videos or text tutorials for the API? Or perhaps a mix of both?

Sorry if you wanted to keep your not-100%-polished video more secret haha!

Text is better to follow along with. I would like to get my system up again as all three BONDS no longer work.

@joel You can follow the instructions here to downgrade: Local API BETA -- How to Set Up

Not sure why the Zermatt (ZZ) BOND is not seeing your state remote. That would be a separate issue… but let us know the FCC ID.


Anxiously waiting the public release of the API so I can finally make Alexa control Harmony Hub control Raspberry Pi via Flirc control Bond control my projector lift!

Ah the smell of homebrew automation…

@kenn, I hear ya! Similar convoluted setups for me. (ISY994i to / from BOND, with ISY to Insteon switches / KPLs, and ISY to Harmony through a Hue emulator, as well as Google Home)

Hopefully our testing and BOND’s internal quality control proceeds smoothly.
Pro-tip: if you find, or already have, a BOND with a serial number starting with ZZ, you can get started with the local API right away.

@merck is there a way to be included in the beta? I was unable to obtain a Bond until today. I have users who will want this integration with HomeSeer as soon as this is out of Beta.

Thanks for the consideration.

Hi @FrankThompson, if your BOND’s serial number starts with Z then you can already use the API today! If not, hang tight, we will have an expanded beta available soon.

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@merck Is there any update as when we can expect a public release? I would love to get access soon. Thanks.

Bit surprised and disappointed not getting any reply after 2 weeks. In fact it looks like there has been no activity on the forums for just as long.