Alexa No Longer Allows "Type" Change from Fan to Light

When I first integrated my Bond fans with Alexa by enabling the Alexa skill I was able to change the “Type” of each Bond fan “Device” from “fan” to “light”. I recently installed 3 new fans and connected them to the Bond Hub. When I went to change the Type, that feature was no longer available. I can still change the Smart Plugs Types from Plug to Light. All my prior Fans are still Typed as Lights.

Why is this significant? Because the fans designated as Light types operate with standard Alexa Light commands. “Alexa, turn on Bedroom Fan”. Alexa voice commands were not working with the new fans designated as Fan Types.

I did find a work around. I created a “Group” for just 1 new fan (3 new separate groups). Then I created a Voice Activation routine for each Fan action (on, off, speed one, speed two, speed three) which was a real pain.

What changed? Is this a Bond firmware update issue or an Alexa app update issue?