List of Smart By Bond Products / Manufacturers

Can we get and maintain a list of Smart By Bond products or manufacturers? seems incomplete but maybe that’s a more appropriate place than the forums.

I feel like manufacturers don’t always make it apparent when product lines are SBB.

For instance, I just discovered the Craftmade product line through a note in the Bond app updates:

Update 4.9.2024:
Just found this link: Smart Ceiling Fans with Smart by Bond technology – Oxygen Lighting & Fan Shop


It’s a lot of work to product search and find Bond compatible products.

Some are explicit in their Bond support. Others like Hinkley lighting and their Hiro fans are Bond compatible but it takes a bit of digging through specs to find out.

In all but quit searching for Bond capable electric fireplace for this reason l.

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I just purchased a Hinkley/HIRO fan with WiFi control, but cannot figure out how to pair it with Bond. The device will pair just fine with the Hinkley app,

Do you have any info to share on HIRO controllers and Bond?

Thanks in advance.

The HIRO fans use a different (non-Bond) platform. ‎Hinkley on the App Store