Help with API - Fan control

We are controlling a fan without any problem with the Bond App and using the Bridge BD-1000 (“fw_ver”:“v2.9.5”, bondid:ZZ).
But using the API, we can send the “setspeed” command perfectly, but we cant make it work with “PowerOff” o “ToggleDirection”
Can anyone help me with and example of this commands? How should i send it?
Thank you very much

Power off is just the TurnOff action, no need for an argument. For toggling direction, the action you provided,ToggleDirection, is correct.

So, for curl, it’d look like:

curl -i http://{ip address}/v2/devices/{device_id}/actions/TurnOff -x PUT -d "{}"
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@Mpmainieri , if Jacob’s suggestion helped you out, let us know what mislead you in our docs so we can make it more clear for others!

And, welcome!


Perfect! Work at the first try

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