Has anyone integrated Bond Bridge Pro with Vantage?

Has anyone integrated Bond Bridge Pro with Vantage?

I too would like to integrate Vantage with Bond. I use Somfy RTS shades in my home and find the Bond Hub works better then the Somfy 16 CH, radio Hub, at a fraction $.

Are you talking about Vantage Lighting systems from Legrande, or something else?
Not that I have used anything called “Vantage” yet.

Yes, although Legrand has framed Vantage as Lighting Control in fact it is far more than that. It’s a full fledged Home automation system.

So you’re asking for Legrand Vantage to control devices configured on a Bond Bridge (Pro), or for a Bond Bridge (Pro) to send RF commands to some Vantage devices (or hub)?

Looks like Vantage uses a proprietary wireless protocol in the ~900 MHz blocks, which is not Bond Bridge (Pro) compatible at the hardware level.

It is for controlling rolling shutters configured on a Bond Bridge.

Does Legrand Vantage have a hub that you have programmatic access to modify / add functionality? I see they have an API of their own but most of what I’ve seen in the documentation is for controlling their system, not receiving data from their system.
Though I see options to use webhooks and get event messages?
I also see this which Legrand themselves have mentioned as a good way to integrate open systems such as Home Assistant and Legrand Vantage.