Fan off vs power off

I’m experience similar issues with fan remote model TR222A. I sent support a message this evening. My remote has several features that are not captured in the F2 template it has been assigned. I can’t manually program the remote because it has features like pressing 1 button to cycle through speeds, set timers, turn on breeze mode, etc.

I’m also curious of there is a Power Off/On, Fan Off/On, and Light Off/On that could be implemented.

Hey @cubbiefan and @SDamiano, I just released v2.11.5 to beta. On this version, the F2 template has both timers and breeze buttons available. You could go to your fan’s “edit commands” screen, scroll to the bottom, and tap “reload” to load the new command table.

If you don’t have the beta app, you could follow the instructions here: Bond Public Beta Link. Alternatively, I’ll try to get this version available to the mobile apps in the stores next week.