Difference between Bond Bridge and SBB

Since there is a node in our device tree for the bridges or SBB devices, that’s where I track the “connected” status and update every 15 seconds or so. So if they have a bridge that loses connection for some length of time, say 5 minutes, they can have the ISY send a notification (e.g., text message) that says “Bond Bridge Master Bedroom is no longer online” or something of that sort. That’s why I wanted to retrieve the name, to match the setup as shown in the Bond app. It could say ZZBL2349282, but like you said, that doesn’t mean much to the typical user.

Since the bridge will remain a composite device, I will probably keep it this way. I could do away with the parent node for the composite device altogether for SBB devices, but this adds a new layer of complexity to how they would be handled in my code relative to devices supported by a bridge. And, I think you said SBB devices may support multiple child devices in the future. What is that going to look like?

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Ahh that does make sense!

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Something like four individually-controllable lights controlled by the same chip, and thus in one device tree: devices/1 through devices/4.