Control Franke / Faber Ceiling Cooker Hood - case use and remote control hex code

I bought a Bond Bridge to solve a very annoying issue: the inability to turn on / off a built in ceiling cooker hood from Franke which on / off / speed controls are located 8.5 feet high if I don’t have the remote control at hand. Tried to check this forum prior purchasing the device and haven’t seen a confirmation if the remote type would even be compatible to a ceiling fan control - but I can attest now that not only it works, but it works extremely well when paired with Samsung smart things or Alexa voice control.

The remote control from Franke seems to be the same model as Faber ceiling hoods - it has one on/off button and dedicated increase/ decrease speed button for multiple speed increases, snd also a ‘turbo’ button that I set up as speed number 4 and turns the hood on without having to press power button.

I also paired Bond automation with a z-wave power meter and was able to increase the hood speed from one to 2 and later 3 when different power consumption range is detected - increasing my induction hob power consumption also increases hood speed, and decreasing it will eventually decrease hood speed from 3 to 2, one and then turn it off after a 5-minute delay. Could not be happier with this automation.

The only issue I had was that learning the original remote control was extremely hard. Had to place bond bridge under a non-ir-reflective surface (on top of a dark-grey duvet) and try several times (Dozens of times) to add the same commands until the ir code was properly learned. Sometimes it would not learn at all. Other times, ir would learn and then it was not able to command the device. But after multiple attempts, all buttons from the remote were learned.

Is there any way to retrieve the hex codes that bond bridge learned so I can share to others that may be interested in contolling Franke / Faber ceiling hoods?

Attaching a picture of the tiny, easy to misplace, hard to extract codes remote control from Franke.

PS: Logitech harmony hub was unable to learn a single button. Aqara M2 hub learned the command after multiple button presses and replayed the same on/off command multiple times, resulting in useless functionality.


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Awesome usage details and very cool automations!

For a few of my devices that have been harder to record, I will go into the SIGNAL endpoint of the command line API to retrieve the raw recorded data.
It’s not directly a Pronto Hex type string, but it can come in handy when needing to recreate the Signal via API (sometimes I clean up the signal first if I can identify a pattern or an end point).

I’m going through this exact process with a Faber hood vent and came across this helpful post. I’ve tried multiple times with a non reflective fabric cover and managed to get it to read the command a couple of times but not to control the device yet (just trying the light first) and am getting pretty frustrated. You didn’t happen to come across those hex codes did you?? My finger is getting sore from pressing this button!

No, I haven’t - but I think I can export the commands bond learned from my remote using the bond API. I’ll take a look on that tomorrow and reply back.

One note though: the light button was the hardest to learn.


Thanks for the reply! And any further info you can give me would be much appreciated.

Sorry to bother again - any luck with those codes? I’m having a devil of a time and any help would be appreciated thx!