Bond's BD-1000 wall mount -- DIY anyone?

Hey there, any tricks for DIY wall mounts so I don’t have to drill the case of BD-1000? Don’t suggest gluing to the wall.

I put mine up with a 3M command strip.

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Command Strips… they HOLD!

I have mine on a stand my brother in law 3D printed. It’s basically a small plate holder (for decorative plates).

I keep mine angled so the IR beam is aimed right at the TV. My TV’s IR receiver died ages ago and I “fixed” it by prying one of the capacitors off the IR board. It did the job, but it needs a pretty direct signal to respond.

I only use Bond to turn the TV on and off. I tried pretending it was a fan so I could use the increase and decrease speed to control the volume with voice commands, but it took so long to change the volume that way that I gave up.