Bofu Shades Issue

Hi, I’m using my Bond bridge to control 4x bofu shades, everything works perfectly… but only 90% of the time. My shades are programmed to automatically open in the morning / close at night, but sometimes there is 1 out of the 4 shades that doesn’t move (like it doesn’t get the signal properly). Any idea if there is a fix for that?

Several things to consider.

  1. Is the failing shade always the same one?
    if Y
    • Is it in a physical location difficult to reach?
    • Is it programmed within a group action or sequential actions?
      if N
    • The programming of x4 shades is done by group command or sequential
      There have been issues reported using bond based grouping rather than remote grouping which reduces the signal command to 1 action call for all shades which I found the most natural way to control desired simultaneous operations of multiple shades.

-It’s not always the same, it’s an intermittent issue
-It’s not difficult to reach, the bridge and the shades are within 10’ to 20’ on an open floor
-It’s programmed individually not in any type of group via http requests in Homebridge/Homekit. There are no error in the Homebridge log, that means the Bond bridge is sending back a success code.

This smells like the sequencing of commands send out by the bond bridge is not captured reliably by the receiving motor which could be from some interference that is unrelated to the signal transmission itself from the bond bridge. The interval for sequential transmission is longer so the timing window for interference is longer hence more sensitive to failure.