A1a template up/down lights

Good find and thanks for the report! I’ve reproduced this, set up some automated tests in this corner of the API, and patched it up. I’ll get a v2.10.18 out to beta shortly. If you’ve got some time, we’d love some testing feedback on this.


There are integrations which can only support a single light. Think of it as inheritance in object-oriented programming… you can ignore the abstract interface of “Light” if you want to.

But I hear you — we need to make this more clear in our docs to avoid confusion.

There is no 6-Speed fan template with only one light. There is only A3 which enumerates up and down lights. Is there any way in the API that the code can tell that UpLight has be deprecated (deleted) in the Bond App?

@CJMH it’s available now

Tested and A1a works great! Thanks. Is there any possibility of getting a template with a 6-speed fan and only one light out soon? I’m happy to test …

Awesome! Thanks for testing it out.

It’s available in the same firmware, named A3a, but isn’t yet enabled on the database search. I just started the deploy of a version of that service with it enabled, so it should be available in a few minutes. The description will be “6 speeds, 1 light”. This service is in “the cloud”, so no need for any upgrades on your side for this.

EDIT: you should see it now.

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Tested v2.10.18 and works fine with both the Bond App and the AK Bond Homeseer plugin. I am not sure we are on the same page with regards to the dimmer function. v2.10.18 seems to work much better with the dimming function.

I thought the A1a template was working correctly in v2.10.18, but v2.10.21 seems to have broken it or possibly the fact that my HS plugin is now using push notification has broken it. The issue is that if both lights are ON (and synced with Bond) and the TurnLightOff action is issued to turn off both lights, only one light physically goes off, but the push notification from Bond indicates that Light is OFF which should indicate that both lights are off regardless of the state of UpLight and DownLight. And the light that is left ON is now out of sync with Bond.

I am pretty sure I tested this without push notifications in v2.10.18. If the commands TurnUpLightOff is followed immediately by TurnDownLightOff the TurnDownLightOff gets an error, but the push notification again indicates that the Light is OFF (indicating both lights are OFF) and one of the physical lights is still on. Again, the light that is left ON is out of sync with BOND.

If there is a one second delay between the TurnUpLightOff action and the TurnDownLightOff action, it works correctly.

Here is log (reverse chronological order) from AK Bond the HS integration (plugin) when sending two actions in a row:
Mar-04 12:02:50 PM AK Bond [480]: Execute cmd: /v2/devices/27a50892/actions/TurnUpLightOff/
Mar-04 12:02:50 PM AK Bond [480]: Device: Bond Hub Set to -1000
Mar-04 12:02:50 PM AK Bond ERROR [480]: [Bond Bridge] ZZCC69147 ( Execute ‘/v2/devices/27a50892/actions/TurnDownLightOff/’: Status: ‘Error’ (ReceiveFailure). Error: ‘Error getting response stream (ReadDoneAsync2): ReceiveFailure’.
Mar-04 12:02:50 PM AK Bond [480]: Execute cmd: /v2/devices/27a50892/actions/TurnDownLightOff/
Mar-04 12:02:50 PM AK Bond [480]: BPUP status update: {“B”:“ZZCC69147”,“t”:“devices/27a50892/state”,“i”:“050000f6747c5e94”,“f”:100,“s”:200,“m”:0,“b”:{“po wer”:0,“speed”:1,“light”:0,“up_light”:0,“down_light”:1,"_": " f1a45ddf"}}
Mar-04 12:02:50 PM Device Control Device: Bond Sue’s Room Sue’s Fan Down Light to Off (-19)
Mar-04 12:02:50 PM Device Control Device: Bond Sue’s Room Sue’s Fan Up Light to Off (-15)
Mar-04 12:02:50 PM Event Event Trigger “Sues Room Events All Lights Off - 1”
Mar-04 12:02:50 PM Z-Wave Device: Upstairs Sue’s Room Sue’s Room Central Scene Set to 2002
If I change the event to wait 1 seconds between sending the turn up light off and turn down light off, it works properly.

FYI Trust state is ON in the Bond APP.

It could be the AKBond plugin issue, I need to check.
And there’s ReceiveFailure Mono error again - which could be the problem.

I don’t think so. Same issue with Google Home. If both Up and Down lights are ON and I tell Google to turn off the light, the down light goes off, the up light stays on, but the Bond APP thinks both lights are off. And now Bond is out of sync with the Up light.

I suppose the issue with the two commands being issued back-to-back could be a problem with AK Bond, but the log looks out of order, but correct (i.e., AK Bond issues the correct actions and gets a correct push notification).

The back-to-back send issue with the com error seems to be solved by adding a delay between back-to-back sends. However, the issue with sending the TurnLightOff action (turning both lights off) still is an issue with the Bond API.

Interesting… it could be the case that the Bond Bridge actually transmitted both packets, but that the receiver needs a delay in order to be able to process the second packet. We’ve got a delay of ~300 ms in place now, but it’s possible that more is needed.

Can you let us know the Make & Model of the receiver you have (printed on the label), and the FCC ID of the remote control? We might have one of them in the office.

Fan - Make: Hampton Bay, Model: 754332, (52" Bali Ceiling Fan)

Remote - FCCID: CHQ8BT7078T, Model:UC7078T

Thanks, Chris.

Is there any way you can get us the Make/Model of the receiver inside the fan? That would really help us narrow the issue down.

Receiver Model: UC7067RC

Ok… this is the one we have in our lab. Testing it here it seems to operate both lights OK when we ask GH to just “turn light on” or “turn light off”.

Next question would be: When using the Bond Home app, does the up & down light work as expected? Do they work reliably or do they sometimes not operate? Also try using your remote control to turn off or on both lights as quickly as you can. That is, see if you can reproduce the problem with the factory remote.

Turning the lights on or off individually using the Bond app or the API works as expected. I can turn both lights on (individually) and then turn them off (individually) or I can turn either one on and then off reliably and they stay in sync with the Bond app. If I turn lights both on and ask GH to turn the light off they both go off. First the down light goes off, then with a significant delay, but less than one second, the up light goes off. If I then ask GH to turn the fan light on, only the down light turns on physically, but the Bond app thinks both are on.

This behavior is a little different then reported above. Remember I have trust state on.

@CJMH: we did some further experiments here. No aha moment, but I wanted to fill you in on exactly where we are:

Basically we don’t see the problem you describe with turning OFF the lights via TurnLightOff on the API. However, it would be reasonable to find the behavior of TurnLightOn a bit surprising. I’d appreciate your comment.


Flow A (the issue you reported):

  1. Turn both lights ON using the Bond Home app. (same as TurnUpLightOn and then TurnDownLightOn on the API)
  2. “Hey Google, turn off the Light” (same as TurnLightOff on API)

Expected: both lights off.
Reported by @CJMH: only one light turns off.
Bond Q/A Lab: both lights off. — issue not reproduced.

Flow B:

  1. Turn both lights OFF using the Bond Home app. Note that in the app you are forced to turn the lights off one at a time because there are only “ToggleUpLight” and “ToggleDownLight” buttons, and no button for “ToggleLight” that would operate both simultaneously.
  2. “Hey Google, turn on the light”. (same as TurnLightOn on API)

Expected (as per API spec): only one light turns on – whichever was the last to be shut off
Reported by @CJMH: N/A – I did not see that you commented on this flow
Bond Q/A Lab: found expected behavior

The Flow A was most likely caused by the way Alex’s Homerseer integration was set up and is no longer an issue. Flow B also works for me as you indicated. The issue which I have reported in another thread and then updated 8 days ago in this thread is as follows:

  1. Using the Bond App turn on both lights.

  2. Using Google, turn off the fan light (both lights go off one after the other)

  1. Using Google, turn on the light (only the down light turns on physically, but the Bond app thinks both are on and now the Bond app and the up light are out of sync).