V2.6.42 beta firmware release

Hey all, over the past few days I’ve made a couple incremental releases. Here’re the changes between v2.6.32 and v2.6.42, which I released today.

For all Bond bridges

  • Persist device state after a reboot
  • Fix issue where upgrades were not cancelling properly

For Bond bridges with serials starting in A or B:
Note: the features below were already present in Bond bridges with serials starting in Z

  • Support non-ASCII SSIDs
  • Add support for static IP and custom DNS configurations, via the local API or web GUI
    (for the web GUI, visit while associated with the Bond’s Config AP… an in-app interface will come soon)
  • Fix issue where transmissions would stop working after a while, despite returning 204 statuses
  • Fix issue where the Bond would think its database was full, causing all kinds of problems

What’s next?

  • Fireplace & Shades features
  • Bringing cloud devices offline & BondScript (script-defined devices)
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Thanks for the static IP and DNS settings.
And all the fixes.


  • Intriguing- what all will this BondScript be able to do?
  • :+1: for cloud devices --> local / offline.

Jacob, Should I be getting an email with an invitation to have TestFlight install the beta? If so, I never got one for 2.6.32 or 42. My email address is bryan@visual-av.com. Could you check my account and let me know if it’s setup correctly. Thanks. Bryan

Hey Bryan,

The V2 app doesn’t need an update to find the latest firmware. I see, however, that you’re not on the list of testers for V2, so I’ve added you.

If anyone else has the same issue, see this post to sign yourself up to Beta test the V2 app: https://forum.bondhome.io/t/bond-local-api-public-beta-link/589

To bring cloud devices offline, our approach is to embed signal-generating Lua scripts on the Bond. The idea of “BondScript” is to make this feature available to our users, to enable them to create and share custom scripted devices. We’ve got a proof-of-concept running, and we’re working out the supporting libraries and the API now.


Should both A/B and Z revision Bridges have 2.6.42 as most recent firmware?
My B updated to 2.6.42, and my Z updated to 2.6.36; both are saying most recent firmwares / up to date.

Yes, they should both have this version! I’ll look into it.

I’ve been away for a while and just tried to upgrade to the latest firmware. I have the latest beta ios app (1.142.2 (2)), but my Bond firmware is stuck at 2.6.21. I have had to upgrade manually via the api in the past, but in those cases the app would at least see the firmware but fail to upgrade.

Any ideas?

Did you switch over to the V2 app? That 1.142.2 sounds like the old beta v1 app.


Gah. The things you miss. Thanks a bunch. Installing now.

welcome back :slight_smile:

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