Sengled's can I use BOND without their hub?

Too many hubs in my house, looking for a solution to get rid of some. I have Kevo, Sengled, my stereo, and echo/alexa

As far as I know, Sengled is a WiFi-based product - and I thought they didn’t require a hub?

Kevo is Bluetooth and WiFi, so a Bond Bridge won’t be able to control Kevo locks.

Bond Bridges can learn only (most) RF and IR signals within the compatible range of the Bridge hardware.

And if you’re asking if BOND technology can be used without a hub, then ceiling fans that come in the box with Smart by Bond receivers, or which can accept the universal Smart by Bond receiver for AC motor fans, do not require a Bond Bridge to work. Those Smart by Bond devices connect to WiFi and the Bond app / integrations directly (without the need for a Bridge).

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