Select Blinds - Classic Roman Shades has a lot of different types of remotes–some Wifi and some are RF only. Even among the RF blinds, it seems they have two or three systems!

I ended up purchasing Classic Roman Shades which comes with only a 5 channel RF remote. And supposedly it doesn’t pair with more than 5 blinds total.

I’m trying to figure out what my chances are that it would be compatible with Bond. Is there any way to know ahead of time?

Sadly, there’s no surefire way to tell without equipment more expensive than a Bond :slight_smile: . This is because these protocols are not standardized and every manufacturer does it differently (even sometimes between production runs on their products :scream:).

But, if you take a picture of the front and back of the remote control and upload it, we can tell you if it will surely not work (if the frequency is out of range). You could even do it yourself: google the “FCC ID” from the back of the remote. If it is in the range 300-450MHz, it might work with Bond Bridge.

You can always return the product if it doesn’t work. But if it does, let us know!

I have Select Blinds in one room and Somfy in 2. Bond works like a charm on the Somfy, but doesnt seem to work on the select blinds.

Here are some facts and observations:

  1. The Select Blinds use a 433.92MHz frequency
  2. The Select Blinds remote is model: BF-305
  3. The Bond seems to learn the code from the remote (light turns the appropriate color) but doesnt seem to respond when I press the button in the app to test the new button.
  4. I have used the advanced configuration to set the RF frequency to 433.92 after several failed attempts. It still does not control them.

Anyone who can provide assistance or insight here would be appreciated.

I think that corresponds to

@jacob / @merck - does this sound like a rolling code and/or complicated encryption or protocol?

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Being very new here (got my Bond yesterday), does this help at all? Looks like an arduino project using this remote looks like it may have some info in it.

Do you think I have to enter a pairing mode or something?

We do have a similar-looking remote in our lab (but unfortunately the one we have arrived without model/fcc info labeled). We need to double check if it can be “raw recorded”, but we were unable to get it in our database for “one-click” setup due to technical difficulties with the protocol.