ISO Z/Z 110v Wall Switch for ST


  • Ceiling Fan with RF remote on a single switched circuit
  • Bond Bridge
  • SmartThings Hub v2
  • Standard 110v Toggle Wall Switch (US)

I need a switch that will replace the 1-gang wall switch with a Decora-style switch featuring 2 momentary buttons.
The device needs to be powered from the mains (no battery)
The 2 buttons should control the fan and light separately by sending commands to the ST hub.
The hub will then relay the commands to the bond bridge and ultimately control the ceiling fan functions.
It would also be nice to dim the light by holding the button down on the wall switch and cycle through fan speeds by pressing the fan button.
Another nice to have would be a pass-through for the hot lead to the ceiling fan with an air gap switch so power to the fan can be cut for servicing.
I realize that some of this functionality relies on the original receiver mounted in the fan canopy but i am hoping the Bond can deal with that.
Thank you.