Google Home Controls

Just wondering, is Google Home app supposed to show Bond devices controls (i.e. Up/Down)?
It only shows the devices, when I click on the device - config page.
So I can’t control the Bond devices there. Only with voice?


[EDIT] - Some devices do have controls i.e. Lights, but not Fans. And shades don’t have any.

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I have the same issue with my garage door, which I added as a shade device so I can control it with “open/close garage door” commands.

It works as expected via google voice command but in the google home app there are no controls as @alexbk66 's attached image shows.

Is there anything Bond team can do to get it to show up? Or is it purely Google’s choice to not make it compatible?

We used to get this all the time about the Ceiling Fan controls, until Google finally implemented CF controls from the app. We asked them repeatedly about it, but it’s unclear what effect our badgering had on their priorities.

Here’s how it works: we provide a manifest to Google Home with all the capabilities of the various devices that we make available to them. Then it’s up to Google how to make it work via voice and their app.

It’s not so much a choice of Google that it will not work in their app, they simply haven’t spent the resources to make the shades controllable from inside the app. I think they assumed that people would use voice with the voice assistants, not realizing that their app actually has a lot of potential for bringing all the devices in the home into one place.

This is always irritating. I’m glad more and more people (like the contributors in this forum) are aware of these shortcomings. Hopefully the big companies will wake up and prioritize more universal feature parity.

I’m new and not sure if this is where to post this question, but here goes.
I operate my patio awing awning with a single channel Somfy. The app has the Up, Down, and My buttons. They all work properly with the app. My Google Assistant, recognizes and properly activates the Up (or open) and Down (or Closed) buttons, but cannot recognize or use the “My” button.
I read a Sept '19 post that mentioned using the “OK Google set (device) to my favorite position” should work but didn’t. How do I get Google to recognize the “My” button. It’s the position I want most often and I hate having to dig my phone out or find the remote.

Welcome! This forum is fine for questions, but responses may be delayed relative to the live support from Customer Service.

Take a look at the end of this thread. We recently made some adjustments to make GH “My” control easier.

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