Bond Hub Won't Find My Wifi


I have had my Bond bridge setup and running for some time now, currently running the beta firmware, I’ll track down the version later and update this post.

The other day I needed to turn of my router and restart it, and now I can’t get my Bond bridge to connect to the same wifi network it was previously configured with. If I connect my phone to the config ssid broadcast by the bridge and try to join the bridge to a wifi network it can see other networks from my neighbours, but cannot see mine. My wifi network is up and running and used by a number of other devices, and is setup to allow the bridge to connect.

Any thoughts?

I figured this out in the end, which I think I had read about here somewhere. My wifi was set to automatic in terms of the channel, and was operating on channel 13. I think I had read the bridge may have had some kind of upper limit, perhaps 10. I dropped it to 7 and it connected straight away.

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Good catch! It’s only looking at channels allowed in the USA (1-11). We need to make this configurable and make the app configure it before setup, now that we’re starting to sell outside the USA.


Yes guys, I had the same issue in AU - wasted two days trying to re-connect and almost threw the Bond from the window.

Glad to hear you persisted…